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Curved shapes

Curved shapes such as simple circles and ovals that enable numbers of figures to be constructed, among which are the characters we're going to spend time on in the following examples.

Initially, we can already see examples of curved shapes. It's interesting to enjoy making as many varied shapes as possible with them.

A few examples of curved shapes.

Let's now look at how these simple shapes can help us to construct different face shapes.

Depending on the type of shape and fineness of detail, this type of construction also enables construction of caricature faces as well as lifelike faces.

From one main form, you can construct or create a set of shapes, with varying complexity depending on what you want to achieve.

Now let's move on to the creation of bodies with different morphologies by using the same principal. Lifelike, cartoon, etc., all types of characters are to hand with this method.

A shape can be easily sub-divided into several shapes, until you reach the level of detail you desire.

Having simple shapes at the beginning doesn't stop development into a complex figure. Just use all these forms like a carpenter and redraw on top of the most complex structures.