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Deforming Objects

Deforming objects is an essential exercise for those who want to go into animation. Itís an interesting exercise for everyone else, and will give a different plastic and therefore more enriching approach to what we would normally draw.

Letsí take some simple objects that are just lying around: a pencil, a sheet of paper for example, and letís play at deforming them. It may seem simpler to deform a piece of paper because of its deformable nature. However weíll still have to look at it in a very different light. It will take more effort to imagine a rigid object changing shape, whilst keeping its characteristics.
Letís start with simple deformation, then we can have fun putting the objects in poses and even trying to transform them into people.

We can then move onto more complex objects, give them poses and attitudes, just like what we would see in cartoons and certain comics. These exercises will teach you to give life to your objects and become more flexible. Often when we create things, we try to make them too realistic or too geometric. This can end up making the decorations and objects too rigid and spoil your creations.