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How to draw a car

To change the characters or animals, this time we are going to attack a vehicle, which is going to allow us a different approach.

Let's start by drawing a cube. Those who wish may trace a cube by using the perspective, but a free-hand cube will generally suffice.

Then we cut out the essential shapes of the car in the inside of this cube. By practising like this, we are working in a similar way to a sculptor who starts with a mass that encompasses their future work, so that they can then sculpt the inside.

Then we draw the different elements of the car. The advantage of the "encompassing" cube is that it serves as a reference for the different axes to be drawn.

As we can see in this example, the width line serves as a reference for all the lines that are more or less parallel to it. The same for the height and length.

Let's finish the construction of the car. The cube is becoming less and less useful as construction progresses. Don't be afraid to use model cars to make yours more "realistic".

Next all that remains is for you to put your own mark on your drawing.