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How to draw a cat

This time we are going to draw a cat in a simple posture profile.

To begin, let's trace an oval knowing that its length should be twice its height. Feel free to use the scale below if necessary.

Now we can use this oval as a template
for creating the other body parts. Draw a circle for the head and then proceed to drawing the feet.

While drawing, we can refer to the tones and references to draw our little feline friend in greater detail.

Now that we've drawn out the base for our cat, we can now focus on adding tone and volume.

You can then clean out your drawing in order to have a nice final product.

Let's end this step off by adding in the finer details and removing
everything that you deem unnecessary.

For those of you who want to go even further, feel free to add some texture on the cat. Try adding some lighter textures before trying something that is too complicated, and don't forget to reference the drawing below.