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How to draw a Character with big nose

Characters with "big noses" are the characters which are often used in "French/Belgian" cartoon humour such as Asterix who is probably the most famous. We are going to see how to draw this type of character step by step.

We will start by tracing dynamic lines to find the posture of our character. In effect these characters with big noses are traditionally drawn "life-like". Let us keep to this style.

So, we will use curved lines for the dynamics. Certainly do not forget the "big nose".

Then we will start to draw the clothes and we will be guided by the loose, life-like characteristics.

Finally, it is time to rub out the unnecessary lines and put a clean finish to our drawing.

If the final drawing portrays a life-like caricature sporting a big nose, then it can be said that we have succeeded in creating a traditional French/Belgian drawing.