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How to draw a dynamic pose

To give life to a character, it is definitely necessary to study moving models, but there are several basis to be used to facilitate giving them a dynamic pose.

Let us look at the example here. In these three examples here, the characters have been constructed with a very severe line. Therefore, they are too rigid and whatever their other qualities, they are not alive. This type of pose should be avoided unless you really want a character with an exaggeratedly rigid posture.

By contrast, on the following examples, the general posture of the different characters is based on a curve, which immediately gives it life and more or less dynamism. It is therefore important to always be aware of the curves when designing.

Here is a last example which I have taken from a cartoon which I modified after becoming aware that my first pose did not work well. One can see that, even if the dynamics of the body are not incorrect in the first version, the movement lacks fluidity and that by using a curve for movement, the action becomes clear and efficient.