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How to draw a face

We are now going to study the creation of a full-on and 3/4 face stage by stage.

Let's start by tracing a circle. (This can be an oval, depending on the type of face you wish to draw.)

Next, we're going to trace a cross in the middle of this round shape.

With the help of new references, let's position the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

We continue like this to add details and elements.

To finish, we rub out the lines that are no longer of use and go over the others. We can also go over the drawing in ink, if we wish.

At the same time that we do the the last details we can draw the hair.

If we want to construct a face in profile, positioning of the various elements is identical to that for the full-on face, as this comparison shows.

Drawing of the 3/4 face is founded on the same principal. It's only more delicate in that it requires better understanding of the notion of volume.

You start by tracing a circle and then a horizontal line identical to the previous one. However, you don't trace a line vertical to the centre, rather a vertical curve that shifts to one side to simulate the volume of the 3/4 view face.

Continue in the same way for this principal. This time you must bear in mind the asymmetry caused by the shift for the 3/4.