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How to draw a futuristic soldier

On this drawing sheet, stage by stage we're going to draw a futuristic soldier, similar to the type you meet in the "Halo" type video games.

Next let's place the amour elements, entering the details more or less. Let's also place the weapons, preferably rather large. This type of character's armour and weapons must be quite big and structured, suggesting both the anatomy and power of the warrior.

First we start by looking for a convincing posture. Our soldier will be in action, rifle on his shoulder and in a dynamic posture. Next let's put in in the volumes for the body and we can directly place a large volume on the head to suggest the future helmet.

It's time to return to the details. The amour and weapon must be properly drawn, while keeping the pose dynamic. A few details and richness in the structure are needed to avoid it becoming too simplistic and smooth, which would give an old-fashioned look to your futuristic soldier.

Next it's time to put your stamp on the drawing you've just done.

You can now have fun giving it a few values and some texture to turn it into a fine picture.