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How to draw a monster

We are going to draw a monster, an imaginary monster, which is going to start from a simple curve and then gradually develop. That is the advantage of imaginary creatures, we can either respect rules or let our imagination run free.

To begin I have drawn freely, without thought, on my page. I have a curve with no particular properties.

The curve has guided to me to a serpent shape, so I have added depth and then immediately arms with talons (I have drawn dotted circles to indicate depth).

Then I have begun to add some details, particularly giving him a rather aggressive head.

Then I add more details and begin to work on the texture, it is often best to avoid a nice smooth skin for monsters.

To finish, the ideal would be to work on the light, to choose a classic light and dark style, or a different light effect which would display our creature in an advantageous ambiance.