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How to draw a Orc

This time, we're going to tackle a typical creature from the heroic fantasy universe: the orc. As always with this character genre, the challenge isn't only to draw well but also to anchor our character in the codes of the universe to which it belongs.

Let's look first of all for a posture - not too static - and then place the volumes, thereby giving some mass to this powerful warrior.

Next, before going back into the details of the body, let's start by suggesting weapons, protection and clothes, and matching all these to this type of character.

We continue like this until we've drawn in all the details of our Orc. He is quite classic; huge, with a handgun, partial armour and brutish appearance. He has no worries about entering into the genre's artillery.

Now you can start to enter the details of your character.

To finish, you can add your mark and put some texture and a little lighting effect into your drawing.