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How to draw a Robot

The robot is both an imaginary creature and, at the same time, a real one and because of this it can take very varied, very realistic and completely fantastic forms. Before drawing it, it can be interesting to firstly decide upon an outline. For example, below I have the idea for a semi-realistic humanoid robot. We will see how its creation is influenced by this choice.

As I want to keep a "human" feeling, I am going to begin by tracing a skeleton similar to that of a classic human one, but with a few modifications as I do not want it to appear totally human.

Let us then begin our structuring. Keeping in mind that it is a robot, a mechanical being, I am therefore going to use shapes which remind me of manufactured structures, whilst keeping a connection with human anatomy.

Then let us start to put in details some of which will favour a smooth line in accordance with robotic representations. I am then inclined to insert details showing the complex machine which it is.

Now we can finish by cleaning up the details and rubbing out the rough outlines and constructions lines.