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How to draw a super hero

This time, we are going to follow the step-by step procedure for creating a character that has all the attributes of a super hero in a comic.

Letís start by finding him a dynamic pose. Usually the super hero stands out because of his pose which is everything but static. The super hero is an action character, which needs to stand out straight away.

Then we need to build up the body, by creating a dynamic, muscular anatomy. The body must be very expressive, accentuate the perspective of a body part moving forwards, and donít worry about exaggerating the shapes.

Then work on the anatomy, the super hero has an idealised musculature and the body of a top athlete. Whilst keeping the strong lines from the beginning, refine the anatomical details and donít hesitate to refer to sportsmenís photographs for this.

Now that the anatomy is finished, add accessories, a mask, gloves, boots and a shield. Give him a characteristic look, and indicate, one way or the other, his powers.

You can then refine it even more, by using shadowing. If you wish, to finish off, you can use ink on your drawing, and try to copy the dexterity of comic artists.