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How to draw an elf

Elves are characters that correspond to specific criteria, without being totally limited to those codes. We are going to see how to draw the face of an elf, whilst respecting the most common criteria (it remains an imaginary creature, so we are free to interpret it as we wish).

Letís begin by drawing an oval, which is the ideal shape for an elfís head.

Then letís draw a circle, in order to be able to place the skull inside, that way we will already have the main volumes in place.

Then letís draw the cross, a little at an angle and exocentric, as well as the lign of the nose.

With these points in place, we can then draw the mouth, the nose, the eyes and the ears. Remember to bear in mind an elfís characteristics. The ears are obviously pointed, as is the nose, but not too long ,and the eyes are quite big ,profiled ovals.

Then letís trace some long curves to create the ample and sinuous hair. You can start adding detail as if building a crown. The elves usually have nature inspired ornaments in their hair, usually forming shapes made up of curves.

Now that we have all of the characteristics, the rest is pretty classic. As usual, we have to finalise all of the details and end up with a clean and optimised version of our drawing.