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How to draw hands

Hands are difficult to draw, so do not hesitate to practice a lot to master them. You must draw hands in many different positions and situations to understand them well. In order to have some essential benchmarks, here we will look at the proportions and types of structure that can be used to draw hands.

For this, we will start by drawing a circle in which we will draw a cross through the centre. Then from the lowest intersection we will draw five lines, as shown on the second drawing. In a natural position, the fingers stretch away from each other, doing so makes it easy to retrieve this configuration.

Then from these lines we will continue to place markers. By placing markers like the drawing below, we can determine the correct proportions for the palm, fingers and knuckles. As on the sketch, remember to retain the "curve" structure of the hand.

Then all that remains is drawing the outlines of the fingers, this time it should be kept in mind that the fingers are refined in their lengths.

Now letís study the structure in volume starting by drawing a "curved" box, and then draw circles to "place" the fingers. I then "split" the index into 3 volumes to show how to apprehend a finger in space. Do so for the whole hand to reach a similar result of the finished model.