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In learning to vary your creations, there are simple solutions that have the added advantage of being adaptable to everyone's level. It's simply a matter of taking inspiration from those around you.

Let's start by formally forgetting what we're observing and let's concentrate on the shapes around us. So let's keep just the silhouette of this banana, and enjoy constructing a face on top.

Fruit and vegetables are one of the simplest examples of this method. This time, let's have fun with a pear. Let's first go to the place and then come back.

A simple object from everyday life, such as a mouse, can inspire us with the shape of a face.

Or let's be more original and get inspired with the shape of a tap to create a character with a more unique look. Of course, this isn't limited to faces or characters. Allow the shapes you observe to transport your imagination.

To finish, a more worked example: I was inspired by an iron this time. Firstly, I re-proportioned the overall shape of the iron, so as to have initially a flat silhouette of a face. This inspired me to the face of a robot. I had thereby reworked this 3/4 face to obtain something more elaborate. If I only show the face of the final robot, few people will think of the iron, and that's what's wanted. The aim is to stimulate the imagination, not to remain prisoner of one form or another.