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Shapes in volumes

Shapes are essential for building any drawing. Simple and without volume, they are already very efficient. However, appreciating shapes in volumes is another step towards mastering the art of drawing.

To build in volumes, is to take into account, thickness, as in the case of this cube. First built out of "wire", to clearly show how to grasp all of its structure to build it, then we see the cube modelled by the effects of light.

Below, we can see several shapes where their volume is highlighted both by their build and the lighting. Itís useful to practice the reproduction of these shapes and to spot them as basic elements in our observation of the environment.

It must be noted that the two last shapes, devoid of light, cannot represent a volume on their own.

Another interesting exercise to master volumes, is to draw them by varying the points of view. Correctly applying the deformations obtained by the differing points of view, will force you to better draw them in the space and will therefore improve your sense of volume.