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The Caricature

The caricature, in its most common expression, is the art of transforming a face in a more or less coarse way and with an often humorous purpose while trying to keep the subject's personality and especially the features that allow the person to be recognized. As this topic is vast, here we will discuss only the basis of this art.

The caricature is first about taking a shape and being able to deform it without losing its essential features. Let's take a simple example, the shape of a lip, and see how we can deform it while keeping its basic structure.

We can go on like this until we get to extreme deformations. It is also an interesting exercise to learn how to master shapes..

Let's move on to a face, ignoring the hair for now. We start with a "normal" portrait and then have some fun by gradually deforming it. Below I only give two examples that are necessarily influenced by my trace. The caricature will take different paths depending on your style and your vision of the person being caricatured.

Making a caricature of a woman's face
is always more
difficult at first.
We risk making it
too ugly,
so it's an interesting exercise
if you want to master

The hardest part in drawing caricatures is not so much distorting a person, but succeeding in keeping this person's personality. The caricature may just help accentuate what is already present in the traits of the individual. It may also distort, when these traits are of a more subtle nature, more internalized. The art of the caricaturist is to know how to downplay the elements to highlight the necessary parts, respecting the original features or not.

In this example,
I interpret
the the person
on the left
as having a more
devious personality
than this person's
features show.
The game will be to deform this person to bring out this deviousness.