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The magnitude of leakage

When the perspective is being studied, it often fails to be correct from a geometric point of view, and you forget another important element that I call "the magnitude of leakage." This is important data and it ultimately gets little attention when it comes to perspective, yet very interesting to understand.

In order to briefly explain my point, consider the example of a table with a glass and a bottle top. In 3 cases, the rectangle face and perspectives are the same, I just changed the depth of the table in the visual field, simply by moving the horizontal line that ends the table.

To get this kind of effect in photography, one would change the angle of the lens while shooting. When drawing, one must also play with the possibilities because a change in the amplitude plays with the depth of the image and therefore, it can affect the spatial composition.

We will see in detail how to create two different amplitudes below, and we also take the opportunity to see how to divide an element correctly according to the depth.

After the first split is chosen, find the same distance from the perspective amounts to apply crossings, as in the example. The difference in these figures is only due to the placement of the split at different distances; this gives two views, two very different "impressions". One should find the right placement for the desired effect. Despite the distortion of perspective, it is easy to find the center of a shape by crossing the vertices as in the example. These two forms are identical; the handling with respect to the assumed angle of vision that differs. With photographic analogy, the top figure is taken with a wide angle lens while the lower figure with a small angle lens.

Have fun building perspectives across different amplitudes and see the affect this has and use that knowledge to learn to use the amplitude to best serve your drawing. You want to give depth, dynamism, and a calming effect or even an oppressed view. You will learn to make the right choices in building your perspective.