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The skeleton

The skeleton is what enables the human being to "stand" and in a drawing, mastery of the skeleton also enables characters to be given a good "stance". Let's look at this more closely.

As we can see in the following example, a pose may be reproduced by the skeleton. This demonstrates that the drawer is conscious of the body's structure, and often you can draw the skeleton straight away. But of course this type of skeleton, while interesting to study, is often too complex for the needs of a drawer who is not working on the anatomy.

For drawing, a schematic skeleton such as a sketch suffices. It enables either its construction to be started, or to check whether it's necessary. Your priority should be to know how to reference it in order to construct it.

If you refer to the first drawing with this type of skeleton, you see that this works just as well. The important thing is to have an aid for the structure and dynamic of your character, and not a constraint.

Have fun creating poses solely with a skeleton of this type, constructing with it or, as in the examples on this page, checking your skeleton against drawings already done, all of which will help you to create well constructed characters.